25 April, 2007

Review Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone (article)

A lot of smartphones that will work on the operating system from Microsoft will be released in nearest future, that’s why we have decided to describe the Operating System in the separate article, in order not to get back to this topic in our reviews. The features are basic for most products.

Just like WM2003 for Pocket PC OS is built on Windows Compact Edition (WinCE). As a matter of fact it got even more simplified comparing to the analogue for Pocket PC (for example there is no such programs as Pocket Excel and Pocket Word and a few others built in). The main idea that Microsoft was sticking to while developing the outlook (shell) of the phone’s operating system – idea to control the device with one hand. This means that the interface is different from Pocket PC, which has sensor screen, and in order to work effectively you required two hands (stylus in one hand, and PPC in another).

Unlike its predecessor, OS MS Smartphone 2002, new OS is built on WinCE.NET source, instead of WinCE 3.0. Comparing to the third version WinCE’s source code was almost rewritten right from the start. Support of network adaptors (Bluetooth, WiFi), .NET framework and working speed were introduced. However the changes are slightly noticeable externally (if you compare MS Smartphone 2002 and WM2003 for Smartphone). The main difference, which is important for end-user – working speed time, it got increased significantly (although the speed boost is not as noticeable as it was with Pocket PC). You will notice it when you are scrolling the menu, play video files and open internet web-sites. Here is the short video clip which will show you how a video-clip optimized for Pocket PC (at Motorola MPx200 and MiTAC Mio8390) will be played at once. You can see that at MS Smartphone 2002 the video clip turns into the slide-show, but at WM2003 for Smartphone its playback is rather smooth.

For features: Inbox, Contacts, Tasks, Speed Dial, ActiveSync,...etc, click here

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