25 June, 2012

Watching Your Family from Android

Knowing wheres your family can now be done quickly and easily. No need to ask the neighbors, no need to call a friend. Just look at the Android smartphone monitor, then you can see them on map.

Now you can see a lot of software to monitor the position, such as: Gogole Latitude, Family Tracker, GPS Tracker Family, Family Locator, Life360, etc.. Just choose the course which is preferred, free or paid, it’s all there.

For example Life360 software. By Life360, I will easily find out where my wife and my son. Provided that their phones are also installed Life360. There are more advantages of this application. For example your son got trouble in the street. With Life360, your son can send an emergency message and you will be immediately aware of its existence quickly because you can see the position on your monitor.

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14 April, 2012

Running Whatsapp on Windows PC

Whatsapp is a great cross platform messaging service. However there is one device missing from the so called cross platforms. Its Computers/PC. And now you can run Whatsapp directly from computer/PC. How?

- Download the Android emulator application for the PC, name is Youwave. If you want to try the free, you can download old version, v1.5.1. - Install Youwave on the PC. - Download the application WhatsApp from the PC (just googling “youwave.apk“). - Put the file WhatsApp.apk in C: \ Documents and Settings \ (user name) \ youwave \ - Run Youwave on PC - In the left column, double click on WhatsApp - In the right column, run WhatsApp - Prepare a phone number for information delivery 3 digit activation WhatsApp - Enter data, such as state information and contact phone number - If there is no incoming sms, use the information via telephone (there will be an incoming telephone and voice engine that inform the 3-digit code) - Enter the 3 digit code to WhatsApp - WhatsApp ready to use! :D

Note: * If Whatsapp can not work properly (interference problem, etc), try to install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

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30 December, 2011

Upgrade Xperia X1 from WM 6.1 to WM 6.5

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a smartphone with WM 6.1 Professional OS. Do you want to upgrade the OS to WM 6.5? You can do it by yourself :)

Ways to Upgrade:

1. HardSPL.
Things that must be considered before HardSPL: - Ensure that your computer is already installed NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - For Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure it is installed Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

HardSPL steps: - Download HardSPL tool: X1_HardSPL_v1.zip - Extract X1_HardSPL_v1.zip on PC. Extract it, and you will see X1_HardSPL.exe. - Sync between X1 and the computer. Make sure everything is running smoothly, no error or interruption. - Follow the instructions on the computer screen until the X1 looks 3 colors. - X1 will automatically restart. - Done :) - To check if already installed: X1 turn off, press and hold the “volume down” (that was at the side) and the “power button”. On the screen it says: 0.72.OliNex.

2. Install new WM 6.5 ROM. - Make sure the Micro SD preformatted with FAT32. - On the internet there are lots of ROM 6.5 for Xperia X1. You can search on XDA-Developers Forum: Xperia X1 ROM Development. I take the example ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23 519. Download the ROM here. - Extract the downloaded file, and one of them will be found KOVSIMG.nbh file. - Copy KOVSIMG.nbh to the root directory of Micro SD. - Turn off the X1 - Press and hold the “volume down” and hold “power button” screen pops up in 3 colors. - Follow the instructions. - Congratulations, you have successfully entered a new world of Windows Mobile 6.5.

3. Do a Hard Reset for more optimal results.

4. Windows Mobile 6.5 ready to be used :)

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03 October, 2011

Cyberhorse AutoFlight v5.4.0

It is a great utility and few resource occupied software for Windows Mobile device.

Firstly, it is a time switch for flight mode on/off, call forwarding, profiles, reset, power off phone, starting program or even any regular operating process (replaying a macro file recorded by MacroRecorder program).

Secondly, It is a unique mini Big Ben because it is capable of announcing o'clock with voice or chime. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Thirdly, it is a time speaker because it is capable of speaking time at any moment by pressing hotkey. You need not see screen to get time in darkness, you can hear of time. The voices sequences can be customized by user.

Fourthly, it also is an easy used alarm. Now that there is more possibility to use Smartphone with 24 hours and 7 days power on constantly because of AutoFlight service, the alarm function of Smartphone is more practicability. AutoFlight provides an easy interface to set multiple alarms with different wave sounds and customized title.

Content & Features:
* Switches flight mode on/off at specified time.
* Turns power off at specified time.
* Call forwarding at specified time.
* Soft resets at specified time.
* For Smartphone version, it switches profiles at specified time. For Pocket PC version, it switches profiles among normal, silent and Meeting(=vibrate).
* Runs/Opens a program/document, include macro file for Smartphone, at specified time.
* Endues Calendar with functions listed above.
* Reports time
* Sets alarms.
* Locks keypad automatically and unlocks keypad or phone by pressing only one key. (for Smartphone version)
* Schedule can be set at any period.

More information:

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21 August, 2011

Coreplayer 1.2.1 (Built-In YouTube Support)

CorePlayer™ Mobile and Pro are at the center of the CoreCodec™ Universe for manipulating multimedia content on your desktop, mobile phone, portable media player, PDA, GPS, or convergence device. CorePlayer is designed to be a next-generation multimedia platform that will extend upon what you thought were limits in playing back fluid multimedia, with its simple yet extremely powerful interface and features that is designed to empower the CoreCodec Community.

Technology Overview:
* Built-In YouTube Support
* Bluetooth ready!* (A2DP and AVRCP)
* Support for over 15 Languages
* Podcast, Enhanced Podcast, CoreCaster Ready
* GPU: Intel 2700g, ATI Imageon, QTv, Marvell Monahan Processors (more coming soon!)
* Operating System: Symbian (all), CE (3.x - 4.x), Windows Mobile/Smartphone (5.x - 6.x), Palm, Windows (98 - Vista), and OS X (Linux for OEM only)
* CPU: x86, PowerPC/Intel, ARM9, ARM11, MIPS
* CoreUI 'Universal skins' Widget. Allows you to create a unique custom user interface exactly how you want it!
* Best in Class audio and video codecs like CoreAVC our High Definition H.264 video decoder
* CoreTheque media library allows for easy management of your playlists and bookmarks

More information:

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25 February, 2011

Conduits Pocket Player v3.6

Pocket Player 3.6 is a rockin' way to enjoy music and video on your Windows Mobile device. Through multiple media and playlist formats, Internet connectivity, plugin extensions, and an intuitive interface, Pocket Player means less taps, more music!

What Makes Pocket Player Different?:
* Full music and video support: MP3, WMA, WMV, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and WAV!
* Protected WMA support, u-Law, A-Law, AU, and ADPCM WAV (used in Voicemail attachments) playback
* Media Browser menu system, with touch scrolling and gesture support!
* Media Library, with ratings support, auto-imports 1000+ tracks with ease!
* 10-band Equalizer and Preamp, with presets!
* Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP): browse and play content from your desktop!
* Web guide for Internet radio, MP3 blogs and podcast streaming, with pause, auto-resume and seek functionality!
* Voicemail playback (WAV attachments), integrates to your Inbox!
* Visualizations and downloadable Album Art support
* Full Windows Mobile support, including version 2002, 2003, WM5 Pocket PC and Smartphone, and Windows Mobile 6 compatibility!
* Support for Bluetooth stereo headphones (A2DP), buttons (AVRCP), and mono headsets (Audio Gateway)!
* Skinnable (Pocket Player, WMP, and WinAmp WSZ skins) for all device resolutions with color change ability
* Themed and skinned Today plugin on touchscreen devices
* Internet radio (HTTP), Windows Network (MMS), Shoutcast, Icecast streaming
* ID3 v1/v1.1/v2 reading; scans device in background
* Gapless playback with adjustable crossfading
* Playlist manager, auto-generating smart playlists!
* DSP Plugin support, including time stretch and Bass Boost
* User-managed Bookmarks support; jump to a file and time
* For Podcasts and audio books: bookmarks, "Seek to last position", Auto-resume
* Hardware button mapping, button locking, one-handed navigation, including support for scroll wheels
* Adjustable sleep timer, automatic screen shutoff function

- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2002
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 5
- Smartphone Windows Mobile 6

More information:

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21 November, 2010

AE Software AE Button Plus v2.6.1

This utility extends functionality of hardware keys on Windows Mobile devices.

It allows you to:
* intercept almost any standard button: application buttons, WM5 SoftKeys, Volume slider, Action and even Red/Green phone buttons
* distinguish up to 4 different keypress events on each button grabbed (single, double, triple and "long" keypresses).
* remap each of the keypress events to "virtual" application button or assign them directly to one of the wide set of built-in actions.

As a result you may "convert" volume slider to up/down arrows, assign several essential application buttons to these "SoftKey" buttons and even assign your favorit alternative dialer to red/green phone buttons.

Current list of built-in keypress actions:
* Run Application
* Emulate keypress of many hardware buttons like Enter/Esc/up/down/left/right/red/green/WM5 softkeys/volume etc.
* Emulate standard application buttons
* "Virtual Application Button"
Being specified as keypress action, "Virtual button" appears in standard Start -> Settings -> Buttons setup dialog and may be assigned here.
* Close (terminate) active application
* Switch next application
* Alt+Tab (switch between two last applications)
* Task Manager with charge level / memory summary info. Task manager may be operated with directional pad (up/down - choose application, left/action - switch to, right - terminate) or finger/stylus. You may apply filters to hide annoying applications (e.g. Phone)
* Ok/Close
* Start Menu
* Switch Display Off/On. Once you switch display OFF you may turn it back ON by the same keypress event or simply pressing Power On button.
* Switch BlueTooth Off/On
* Switch WiFi Off/On
* Switch Vibration mode Off/On (WM5 only)
* Switch Phone module Off/On
* Switch Speakerphone mode Off/On
* Switch "Flashlight" Off/On (HTC devices only)
* Lock/unlock device (WM5 only)
* Turn Off PDA
* Soft-Reset PDA (Soft Reset)
* Screen rotation
* Go Online / Drop DialUp connections / Trigger Online
* Disable "Power Off device if not used..."
* Switch to Today screen
* Clipboard operations: Select All / Copy / Cut / Paste
* Memory Monitor
* Battery Monitor/Uptime Forecast. It will show battery voltage/current/temperature if corresponding sensors are available
* Current Date/Time
* Pop-up menu with important AEBPlus actions. This feature is available in activated version only
* Any built-in action may be initiated by shortcut calling aebplus.exe with corresponding command line parameter

- Windows Mobile 2003SE PocketPC and PocketPC Phone Edition
- Windows Mobile 5 PocketPC and PocketPC Phone Edition
- Windows Mobile 6 PocketPC and PocketPC Phone Edition
- Windows Mobile 2003SE Smartphone
- Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
- Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

More information:

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