01 May, 2007

AutoFlight v5.12

1. It is a time switch for flight mode on/off, call forwarding, profiles, reset and power off phone.
- You can replace turning power off/on manually with switching flight mode on/off automatically by Autoflight when you sleep and any other case such as going to theater, lesson, airline, and so on.
- Or, you can switch profiles at scheduled time automatically to accommodate to special circumstances such as Meeting profile at office, Loud profile on road going to office or back home, and so on.
- You also can set timed reboot periodically to keep memory clean and system efficient.

2. It is a unique mini Big Ben because it is capable of announcing o'clock with voice or chime.

3. It is a time speaker because it is capable of speaking time at any moment by pressing hotkey. You need not see screen to get time in darkness, you can hear of time. Fourthly, it also is an easy used alarm. Now that there is more possibility to use Smartphone with 24 hours and 7 days power on constantly because of utoFlight service, the alarm function of Smartphone is more practicability. AutoFlight provides an easy interface to set multiple alarms with different wave sounds and customized title.

4. It can lock keypad automatically and unlock keypad or phone by pressing one key.

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