02 May, 2007

Fizz Weather v2.4

Packed with features you'll never be caught out by mother nature. Installed with an initial database of over 230 global cities, you can search our database of over 58,000 global cities and add your own.

* Global Coverage - Over 58,000 cities worldwide.
* 7 day full forecasts.
* 2 day forecasts, 6 hourly intervals.
* Current location conditions reporting from various stations.
* Weather maps with zoom & pan support.
* Ski Reports from popular global resorts.
* Airport delays.
* Weather warnings and alerts for the US.
* Customizable interface with amazing new graphics and skins.
* Full VGA support for compatible devices including support for TrueVGA.
* Full control of downloads, update your weather whenever and however you want.
* Active Sync Synchronization.
* Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition - Download forecasts on the move.
* Graphical display to allow you to track your downloads.
* Customizable home-screen support.

More Information:
register with:WESA-000000-R9R

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