29 May, 2007

FlexWallet incl Desktop Edition 2006 v4.539

FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your Windows Mobile� device. Bank accounts, credit card information, emergency contact numbers, travel documents, software registration codes, online passwords, calling cards, gift ideas, clothing sizes, ATM Pins, you name it!

* Secure encryption of all your information using redundant 128-bit algorithms.
* Professional, easy-to-master user interface consistent with Microsoft design guidelines.
* Organize your information into multiple level categories and sub-categories.
* Use the built-in templates or create your own using the Template Editor to store almost any type of personal information.
* Choose from over 190 attractive and consistently themed icons to identify your cards and categories. You can also use your own custom icons!
* Built-in Password Generator utility.
* Convenient ATM-style keypad for easily entering numeric passwords on Pocket PC devices.
* Quickly access frequently used cards using the Favorites and Recently Used Cards lists.
* Card Level Wallet Synchronization to easily setup synchronization between your desktop computer and Pocket PC or Smartphone device.
* Easily search for text stored in any card.

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