04 May, 2007

xBar v3.2

The operating system Microsoft embarked in the mobiles, Windows CE, is a multitask system. It is the principal quality compared to the competitor system (palm).

Although the memory of the mobiles is still limited, without a tool it is impossible to shut down an application to release the memory occupied by this one.
Unfortunately Microsoft do not provide any built-in tool allowing to exploit this functionality.
Gap filled by the various manufacturers of PocketPC (itask on ipaq for example).
Unfortunately, these tools are not ergonomic.
It is here that taskbar’s like tools are taking again an operation similar to that available in OS of the machines of office such as Windows or Mac OS. (success on PocketPC : wizbar, icbar and there derived)

xBar being thus the solution with this gap on Smartphone.

* Possibility of switch from an application to another easily.
* Allows to shut down an application.
* Automatic system of mémory cleaning.
* Programming of task (1) such as, for example, reading of mp3 like alarm clock.
* To select part of text then to copy in the clipboard and to past in another application.
* To launch (2) an application via a shortkey.

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