01 May, 2007

Resco Photo Viewer v5.33

It is a comprehensive application ideal for organizing, viewing, enhancing and editing your images.
Using the image browser, you can organize and preview images and MPEG video files on your device. You can copy, move, delete and sort them the way you want.

A very strong part of the viewer is the editing tool. You can crop, rotate and resize images, change their contrast, brightness or gamma correction.
Desktop Album Generator (Windows 95/98/NT/2k/XP) can be used to optimize your photos and create lovely family albums.

Key Features:
*Windows Mobile 5.0 support
*QVGA and Landscape QVGA support (Motorola Q)
*Multi-language user interface
*Use multi-selection of thumbnails
*Send pictures via Bluetooth, via IRDA and as E-mail or MMS
*Setting the contact images
*Display EXIF information (exposure time...)
*Work with the desktop album generator
*Add transition effects or WAV tracks to your slide show
*Capture and store the screen content
*Record a sound comment to your photograph
*Add a text comment
*Access your favorite photographs using the favorite feature
*Download pictures from the web
*Play-back the content of web cameras
*Display animated GIFs and multi-page TIFFs
*Load a picture as the today screen
*Edit and store a picture in the following formats: JPG, PNG, BMP
*Resize and crop a picture

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