30 May, 2007

Bluetooth_sniper_v1.3.469 for smartphone

Chat, Messaging, FileSharing, BlueJacking, Social Networking over BlueTooth

Do you like chatting with people you don’t know? Do you want to be able easily share multimedia files with your friends? Do you hate the cost of MMS? Well now you can do it all via BlueTooth?
Find your target, take aim and let Sniper do the rest!

Using Sniper you can send/receive and reply to text messages from other BlueTooth equipped phones (including non Windows Mobile devices such as Nokias and Sony-Ericssons). This software also contains a BlueTooth scanner which will locate discoverable BlueTooth devices in your vicinity to start socializing with. Sniper will also allow you to transfer files between devices as well as messages. With just a few clicks you can designate folders (on the storage card if you wish) for Music, pictures or any kind of file. Sniper is skinnable and comes with a range of cool skins. More skins may be easily added. It also includes a Bluejacking feature which means you can send files or messages to all devices within range at the same time. A useful feature for sending out Business cards at meetings! Since BlueTooth is short range 10-12 meters and does not use a Wireless carriers data network, all this messaging and data transfer is FREE.
Requirements: A Windows Mobile Phone (2003 or later) running the Compact Framework 1.0 and with the Microsoft BlueTooth stack

Update Description:
Sniper now includes a BACKGROUND Scanner to let you know when new devices come into range
You can now set your devices BlueTooth name directly from within Sniper. Great for anonymous BlueJacking or Messaging.
New graphics and many User Interface improvements

A few small bugfixes:
Sniper can now handle unlimited file transfers to/from the storage card
Progress bars
Better graphics
Better BlueJacking
Better handling on non responsive devices.

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