08 May, 2007

TinyGPS v1.04

Psiloc TinyGPS is a powerful tool to perform various actions on the Smartphone, based on its geographical location. TinyGPS enables receiving information about location of your phone in your GSM network. It also shows name of your current location (if your GSM operator provides it). You can "teach" your phone locations which are important for you like: home, school, work, train station, church etc.

Then you can set up events based on entering or leaving chosen location. For example your phone can automatically switch profile to Silent when you come home. If you commute to work by train you can set up alarm which will wake you up when you arrive to the train station - even if your train is late!

You can create events based on the location you enter or leave. To set up new event choose Menu/Events and Press New.
Select action (enter or leave), location and desired action. The action can be one of the following:
* Change home screen - changes home screen to chosen one
* Change profile - switches to desired profile
* Play sound (alarm) - plays chosen wav file
* Power off - switches the phone off
* Vibrate - makes your phone vibrate
* Notify - notify you when you enter or leave specified location
* Switch Bluetooth - switches Bluetooth on/off/discoverable

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