08 June, 2007

CityTime Alarms v2.0

Supports Windows Audio (WMA) and MP3 sounds as well as WAV files! Enhanced features for many phones, including not having to unlock your phone when an alarms rings, alarms that will optionally play even if the sound is turned off and turning on the backlight for models that support it!

The perfect topping for your smartphone! An alarm clock and simple world time piece. Attractive and practical. Use it as an alarm clock, for a cooking, exercise or laundry timer or if you have to take medications each day and don't want that information in your calendar! The most useful addition to your Smartphone!

* Unlimited number of Alarms, Count Down Timers, Stop Watch Timers and Mobile Tasks
* Time zone additions and corrections for all current Daylight Saving Time rules
* Timezone fixed alarms
* A number of included, interesting alarms sounds!
* All common sounds formats included!
* Recurring Alarms -- Weekdays, Weekends, Daily, Semi-Weekly, Monthly and Annually
* 500+ City Database for time zone alarms and a simple world time view with as many as four cities you can select
* Four attractive themes (LED, LCD and LCD Blue, LCD Inverse)

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