12 June, 2007

NewsBreak v2.0

Take the news with you wirelessly with a news feed reader for your Pocket PC or Smartphone. Stay informed on the latest: Headlines, Podcasts, Sports, Industry , News, Website Updates, Weather, Travel Updates, Local Info, Blogs, Entertainment News, Stocks, And Much More!

* Listen to your favorite podcasts, watch vidcasts, and view attached files and images! Schedule podcasts to download when and how you choose.
* Save your podcasts to listen or view when you have the time
* Get the news you care about as it happens! Set up alerts to tell NewsBreak to scan your news feeds and let you know about important stories. You can even read the complete story using familiar Pocket IE technology.
* Tell NewsBreak what news to search for by setting up keywords.
* Spot the headlines that matter to you by setting your own keyword icons.

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