12 June, 2007

SMSCool v1.1.2

Manage and send Smartphone SMS messages from your desktop PC!

* Fully manage and send SMS messages from your desktop PC
* Import all SMS messages from your Pocket PC Phone Edition
* Delete multiple SMS messages on the Pocket PC Phone Edition
* Reply or Forward an SMS message
* Import your entire contacts database from Pocket PC Phone Edition
* Send SMS messages to multiple contacts
* Choose the type of SMS you send: Standard SMS or Notification
* Export to CSV,XML
* SMS longer than 160 chars
* Foreign character sets support
* Optional import of inbox, sent and deleted items
* Minimize to taskbar or system tray
* Check if message is still on phone or not
* Faster PC-Phone transfer
* Options Window with various settings
* New SMS Notification and Popup Text customization
* Progress indicator on import of messages and contacts
* Sorting contacts on firstname or lastname
* Sync on startup

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