20 July, 2007

Ludimate Sensible Sudoku v2.0

Sensible Sudoku includes everything that makes playing Sudoku on a mobile a truly enjoyable experience: pencil marks, hints, undo and auto-save. Play it anytime and anywhere - forget about those limited newspaper Sudokus...

Sensible Sudoku includes millions of puzzles that can be played in multiple difficulty levels, with a pleasant interface and elegant audio. Have a great time with Sensible Sudoku!

* Millions of Sudokus with unique solutions: all you need is logic, no guessing required.
* Five difficulty settings to match your skills, from Very Easy to Extreme level.
* Track your Sudoku solving times and compete with others at www.Ludimate.com/S
* Includes 14 Sudoku board skins with a range of visual styles from formal to exuberant.
* Includes pencil marks to allow annotations.
* Comprehensive Sudoku statistics.
* Can be played with wrong numbers not allowed (more fun) or allowed (harder).
* Includes options to check for and undo wrong numbers.
* Includes simple and full hints as well as a pencil-all option.
* Auto Save/Restore game: peacefully play Sudoku as you go, when you can.
* Optimized for one-hand use: enter numbers with the joystick/cursor, stylus or keyboard.
* Includes fine VGA graphics and supports square and landscape devices.
* Elegant audio effects designed for a pleasant experience.
* Secure online ordering: unlock code is immediately sent with purchase.

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