31 August, 2007

Microsoft Voice Command v1.50 (for Smartphone 2003)

Microsoft® Voice Command is a product for Windows Mobile™ 2003 and 2005 based Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone devices that lets you use your voice to look up contacts and place phone calls, get calendar information, play and control your music, and launch programs.

Here's some highlights of what you can say copied from the Help file.

Phone Commands:
* Call to call a contact whose phone number is stored on your device.
* Call at/on to call a contact at a specific phone number.
* Dial to dial a phone number.
* Callback to return the last call received.
* Redial to repeat the last call made.

Contact Commands:
* Show
* Lookup
to display a contact.

Calendar Appointments:
* What's my next appointment? to hear the next upcoming appointment.
* What's my schedule today? to hear today's upcoming appointments.
* What's my schedule tomorrow? to hear appointments for tomorrow.
* Reminders On to enable reminder announcements.
* Reminders Off to disable reminder announcements.
* What's my next meeting?
* What are my appointments (today)?
* What are my meetings (today)?
* What's my schedule (today)?
* What's my calendar (today)?
* What's my calendar for today?
* What are my appointments tomorrow?
* What are my meetings tomorrow?
* What's my calendar for tomorrow?
* What's my schedule tomorrow?

Listening to music:
* Play anything to play all media.
* Play music to have Voice Command guide you through selecting music.
(Variant: Play media).
* Play album, to choose from available albums.
(Also: Play artist and Play genre).
* Play to listen a specific album.
(Also: Play , Play and Play album by ).
* Next Track, Previous Track, Play, Pause, or Stop to control Windows Media.
* Turn Shuffle On to play tracks randomly.
(Also: Turn Shuffle Off).
* What song is this? to hear about the current track.
(Variant: What track is this?).

Starting Applications:
* Start to start or switch to a program.
* Show
* Open

Phone Status:
* What time is it? to hear the current time.
* What date is it? to hear the current date.
* What is my battery level? to hear the current battery level.
* Turn flight mode on to turn on flight mode and disable all wireless radios including Bluetooth, WIFI and cellular phone.
* Turn flight mode off to turn off flight mode and restore the previous state of all wireless radios including Bluetooth, WIFI and cellular phone.

The following require a Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone:
* What is my signal strength? to hear the current state of the phone on the network.
* What calls have I missed?
* What missed calls do I have? to hear each missed call and reset the missed call count.
* Set Ringer High
* Set Ringer Loud to set ringer volume to 5
* Set Ringer Medium
* Set Ringer Middle to set ringer volume to 3
* Set Ringer Low
* Set Ringer Soft to set ringer volume to 1
* Set Ringer Quiet
* Set Ringer Off
* Set Ringer Mute to set ringer volume to off
* Set Ringer Vibrate to set ringer to vibrate

* Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003
* Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003 SE

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