28 August, 2007

Orneta Paint Mobile v2.0.0

Paint Mobile, by Orneta is a drawing tool for Windows Mobile based Pocket PC and Smartphone's you can use to create simple or more elaborate drawings -- in black-&-white or color, and can be saved as bitmap or jpeg files.

Send your drawing as an e-mail attachment, or paste it into another document, view and edit pictures taken from your phone's camera.

* Create or Edit Image Files
Paint Mobile works with pictures such as JPEG (.jpg), .Graphic File Interchange (gif), or Bitmap (.bmp) format files. Paste a Paint picture into another document, or use it as your phone's background.
* Easy to Use Interface
Designed for one-handed operation, the unique toolbar provides easy access to each drawing tool. A complete drawing toolbox has a Pen tool, Selection tool, Eraser tool, Fill tool, Text tool, Color Selector, and a Pen Width Selector.
* Multiple Cursor Modes
Cursor can operate in 3 modes, normal, accelerator, gliding.
o Normal mode will allow you to move the cursor with the arrow buttons, click the action key to switch between draw mode and move mode.
o Accelerator mode will accurate the cursor speed the longer the direction is pressed, allowing easy movement for longer distances.
o Gliding mode, allows you to set the cursor in motion with a single press of a direction, press another direction to change the cursors trajectory.
* Connectivity (Send Files)
After you are done working on an image, send it directly to any recipient from your contact list as an attachment.
* Editing Functionality
Use the Selection tool to select sections of an image for editing purposes. Cut areas to move it to a different location, or application, Copy a selection to paste it to another location or application, and Paste a selection that you cave copied from any application to the cursor position.
* Easy File Management
Open or save files to any location on your phone, including the storage card, thanks to the built-in mini file explorer.

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