22 August, 2007

SBSH Facade v1.30

Facade is a highly customizable tab-based Home screen plug-in for Smartphone devices. With Facade, you can view your upcoming appointments and tasks directly on your Smartphone Home screen, keeping you up to date on all your important appointments and tasks.

Additionally, Facade puts a launcher tool right onto that same Home screen, allowing you to launch your favorite software directly from your Home screen with just a single click. NEW! - Facade 1.2 new release featuring new battery/memory meters, complete professional new design for all device types, new powerful management features, addition indicator icons and much more!

Facade Calendar Tab
* View all-day appointments indicator icon and note indicator icon for items including notes
* Optionally delete appointments using the appointment context menu actions
* Preview appointments using Pocket Outlook on WM5 devices in addition to Papyrus
* View 30 days or more of your upcoming appointments right on your Home screen
* Scroll through your appointments directly from your Home screen using your Smartphone joy-pad
* View appointment status icons next to each appointment item
* Choose from various possible actions when clicking the joy-pad action button. Customize the joy-pad action button to perform the actions you want.
* Seamlessly integrate Facade on your Home screen with SBSH Papyrus, our powerful time management system for Smartphones.

Facade Tasks Tab
* View note indicator icon for tasks including notes
* Optionally delete tasks using the task context menu actions
* Preview tasks using Pocket Outlook on WM5 devices in addition to Papyrus
* View a list of all your tasks right on your Home screen
* View task status and priority icons next to each task item on your Home screen
* Complete and activate tasks directly from your Home screen
* View tasks grouped by due date, including undated and overdue tasks

Facade Launcher Tab
* NEW! - Battery, memory, storage card, signal and battery temperature skin-able meters for tracking your Smartphone system status!
* NEW! - Simplify Smartphone actions - add Facade's special pre-defined action shortcuts for: Reset, Power Off, Configure, Screen rotate and Reload
* Use the launcher bar as a stand-alone single bar or as a Facade tab
* Create unlimited shortcuts to your favorite software directly on your Home screen
* Create multiple tabs to group your applications into categories within the Home screen launcher
* Easily select any installed program for the launcher tool using Facade settings
* View launcher icons in large or small sizes

Facade Settings
* NEW! - Special plugins-import utility allowing to easily add additional existing plugins to your Facade layout and control plugin order on your Home screen!
* NEW! - Use shadow fonts for clearer text display! Customize font size, style, color, background color, layout parameters and more!
* Customize and control Facade display using Facade settings
* Automatically insert Facade into any existing Home screen layout
* Facade offers advanced customization capabilities using direct XML layout writing for advanced users. Users can download the Facade XML reference guide from Facade's support section

Facade General Features
* NEW! - Supports Smartphone 2002, Smartphone 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and new Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices
* NEW! - Supports all Smartphone device resolutions and orientations, including devices with changing orientation support
* NEW! - Three optional professional layout designs
* Facade offers powerful customization and skinning capabilities in the Home screen XML file, allowing you to redesign Facade's entire look and feel. Simpler design and layout options are accessible using the Facade configuration tool

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