04 September, 2007

fCalc v1.5 for Smartphone

This is what you are looking for! A must have tool on your maths classes. The first calculator with functions drawing ability on Windows Mobile Smartphones. fCalc is professional and user friendly calculator.

Supported mathematic functions:
+, -, , /, 2, 3, xy, x2, x3, xy, sin, cos, tg, arc sin, arc cos, arc tg, sin hyp, cos hyp, tg hyp, arc sin hyp, arc co hyp, arc tg hyp, log, ln, abs, exp, sign, etc.

Fully customized Chart:
- Shows graphic representation of entered function
- Draws gridlines on the X and Y axis of the chart
- Zoom function on which it is possible to magnify the chart
- Allows moving across the chart by using directional pad
- Calculates function value for specific argument or whole range
of values

- Expresion is continuously displayed while inputing more
- Acurate result display ? features up to 9 digits after the
decimal point
- Calculation range (1e-308, 1e308)
- Easy navigation between functions
- Holds list of all calculations you made
- Deg/Rad modes for trigonometric functions
- Full editable formula
- Compact size

Unit converter:
- Length (mm, cm, m, km, in, ft, yard, mile)
- Weight (g, kg, ton, grain, oz, pound)
- Volume (cm3, m3, L, in3, ft3, yd3, gallon UK, gallon US)
- Area (cm2, m2, are, in2, ft2, yd2, acre)
- Temperature (F, C)

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