25 September, 2007

ListPro v4.1.0.1074

Create shopping lists, to do lists, and checklists, and organize and use your information however you want to -- ListPro makes it easy and convenient. Synchronize your lists between your Pocket PC or Palm OS handheld and Windows PC, and use them on both. Complete file compatibility makes ListPro the ideal information tool.

ListPro® -- the top list and information manager for Pocket PCs, Palms, Smartphones, and Windows desktop or notebook PCs.

* Customize each item's Notes Pane however you want. Format the text, insert images, and link to live web pages
* Share lists, post them on websites, or turn lists into news feeds with our HTML and RSS/XML export options
* Send lists and images to your Windows Mobile device instantly with one-click List Publishing
* Get the most out of all your lists - make any columns you want, and use ListPro's alarms, indenting, outlining, and item highlighting options
* Make your lists easily and get organized fast with our shopping list functions, built-in templates, and any of our free List Exchange lists
* Connect to websites, dial numbers on phone-enabled devices, and open email addresses in your email program using the Linked Column in your lists
* Take important files with you - link images and documents to your lists and publish them to your mobile device using the Linked Files Folder
* View your lists the way you want by sorting or filtering the items to fit your needs
* Let the program work for you by setting up Auto-date and calculated columns in your lists
* Answer your most common questions with step-by-step instructions in the ListPro Companion
* Save time looking for the info you need - use ListPro's Find feature to search one list or search them all
* Get help if you ever run into any problems by contacting Ilium Software's world-class toll-free tech support.

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