21 September, 2007

PocketLingo Idioms v2.0.0

PocketLingo Idioms is a Learning and Reference Dictionary designed to provide a comprehensive, clear, and informative survey of American idioms and colloquial expressions.

The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms contains nearly 10,000 idioms and phrases, and is recommended by William Safire as one of his "Gifts of Gab". If you've always wanted to get a fix on the most interesting and widely used expressions, this new dictionary of idioms will set you straight! Each idiom is clearly defined and illustrated with at least one example sentence or quotation that will allow you to stay on top of America's favorite expressions.

* Exclusive! The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms offers best-in-class content with the largest collection of idioms and popular phrases available today.
* Multi-Dictionary Capability to add other PocketLingo 2.0 dictionaries (e.g. PocketLingo College, PocketLingo Thesaurus, PocketLingo Cultural Literacy)
* Advanced integrated learning features including Study Cards and MyWord List help you quickly and effectively master new vocabulary.
* Easy-to-use interface that includes color support for better legibility.
* Fast look-ups, with auto-lookup, recently viewed list, and highly optimized performance.
* Support for external memory cards (SD/MMC).
* Important note: Full version requires 1.7MB of free memory on your Smartphone device or on an external memory card (A minimum 520KB of device memory is used).

Smartphone 2002 or higher

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