04 September, 2007

SmartReg v2.1

Simply the best, most fully featured registry editor for Smartphone.

* Two pane view. In the top pane all keys are shown. In the bottom pane are listed values for the selected key. The left soft-key switches between key and value panes.
* Create, edit, rename and delete both keys and values.
* Support for String, DWord, Binary, Multi-String and Expandable String value types.
* Full Cut, Copy and Paste support for both values and keys. Will copy and paste a full sub-key structure, including all values at each sub-key level.
* Powerful search facility. Find strings in key names, value names and data. Case-sensitive and whole string only options.
* Store frequently used keys in the favourites list for quick access
* Menu options for Parent Key, Root Key, First Sibling and Last Sibling. Allows quick navigation through the key heirarchy.
* Change text size. Make it larger for easier viewing, or smaller to maximise screen usage.

New in Version 2.0:
* Import and export data in windows RegEdit format.
* Undo and Redo registry changes. Can undo all actions except for file imports.
* Enter DWord values in decimal, hexadecimal or binary.
* Easily add and modify binary values using the powerful binary editor. Edit other value types as raw binary data.
* Show keys pane only or values pane only.
* Show or hide value column headings.
* Added support for Windows Mobile 6.0
* Added support for dynamic switching between portrait and landscape mode on newest phones.

- Smartphone WM 2003
- Smartphone WM 2003 SE
- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

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