24 October, 2007

Mobiward PocketKeeper v4.0.0

PocketKeeper is personal financial management software that focuses on managing your daily out-of-pocket expenses. It records your daily expenses on the road.

The register screen is intuitive to use. You can create multiple accounts with different currencies, define any categories and subcategories, create multiple budget planning projects, create report with bar, pie or trend charts and self-defined charts. User can search, export data by different criteria. It also has password protection to secure your personal financial data.

New Features:
* Intuitive Register with Familiar User Interface
* Multiple Accounts with Different Currencies and Exchange Rates
* Versatile Category and Subcategory
* Budget for Multiple Projects
* Powerful Report with Bar, Pie or Trend Charts by Various Statistics Criteria
* Multiple Language User Interface Capability
* Manual and Automated Backup
* Password Protection for Financial Data Security
* Filter, Search and Export Functions
* Transfer between Different Accounts

Familiar Register Screen:
* Enter transaction record in a similar screen just like you enter it in any popular desktop financial programs
* Immediate total expense, income and balance
* Powerful clear/unclear and reconcile functions
* Quick entry with memorized category, amount and payee
* Transfer between different accounts

Accounts with Different Currencies and Exchange Rates:
* Create multiple accounts for different types of transactions, such as credit card, cash, etc.
* Create multiple accounts with different currencies and exchange rates to make it convenient to track expense when traveling overseas
* Single password protection for all accounts or different password for each account
* Automated or manual backup to ensure your data will never be lost

Versatile Category and Subcategory:
* Create any types of categories or subcategories
* Intelligent Quick Fill features a list of most-commonly-used categories that you entered most recently and most often

Budget for Multiple Projects:
* Create budget planning for each project to help you track and control cost
* Each budget project can include all accounts or include each account only
* Data can be shown for entire project or for this month only
* Convenient for you to control expenses for each project

Powerful Report with Bar, Pie or Trend Charts by Various Statistics Criteria:
* Expense analysis by today, daily or current month
* Expense/Income ratio analysis
* Daily, monthly or yearly expense and income trend
* Expense by category or subcategory
* Bar chart, pie chart and trend chart
* Customizable statistics by different period, category and subcategory
* Statistics can be saved in a file

Tools to Customize the Program:
* Multiple Language user interface capability
* Filter, search and export functions
* Manual and automated backup

Microsoft Smartphone 2003
Microsoft Smartphone 5.0
Microsoft Smartphone 6.0

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