28 December, 2007

Ilium Software eWallet Professional v6.0.0.23147

Now you can have all your important information in your smartphone: passwords, credit cards, accounts and more, in a format that's secure, easy to access, centralized and portable wherever you want it!

# Synchronize your wallets quickly with the easy-to-use Sync Setup interface.
# Keep your data current everywhere! Sync to multiple PDAs, UMPCs, laptops, network computers, even remote locations on the web - there is no limit.
# View your data from remote computers using our built-in access to Iomega iStorage.
# Protect your important information with strong 256-bit RC4 encryption.
# Organize your info how you want it with nested categories. eWallet lets you have categories in other categories.

- Smartphone WM2003SE
- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

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