04 May, 2007

Repligo v2.0

Convert PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Web pages and more. Any file that can be printed can become a RepliGo document!

In a matter of seconds, virtually any document you have on your desktop PC can be converted to your Windows Mobile™ Smartphone while maintaining the document’s original look and feel. RepliGo also provides a reflowed text view for easy reading.
This includes Microsoft® Office documents, Adobe® PDF files, Web pages and hundreds of other formats. Once on your device, documents can easily be viewed using the supplied RepliGo Viewer.

You no longer need multiple programs installed on your handheld device to view different types of documents. RepliGo is one application that handles any document that can be printed and is specially tuned to streamline the conversion of Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, PDF files, and web pages, and is a one-of-a-kind solution for anytime, anywhere viewing of documents.
RepliGo for Microsoft® Smartphone was nominated by Pocket PC Magazine for Best Document Viewer for 2003.

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