04 May, 2007

Novosec Smartfilter v1.3

Enjoy the silence – decide whether your boss can call you at the weekend, your girlfriend is allowed to disturb your 100.000-$-meeting or your mother-in-law to interrupt your honeymoon in Vegas.

NOVOSEC's SMARTFilter is available for both Smartphone and PocketPC Phone Edition and gives you the opportunity to fully organize your time again: Simply enable call forwarding to your mailbox or any other phone number which you can define in your smartphone settings. Setup some rules and call back – whenever you like. User defined profiles enable you to easily switch between profiles. You don’t need to block or unblock callers one by one.

# blocking of selected contacts
# blocking unknown callers
# blocking of calls from callers without a caller id
# custom profiles for different situations
# automatic switching profiles for a certain time interval
# automatic switching profiles depending on your calendar ("Smart Profile")

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