18 June, 2007

Jeyo Mobile Extender v2.5 for Outlook

Jeyo Mobile Extender adds mobile text messaging capabilities to your Outlook application through a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC phone. With this add-on program, you can exchange messages with other mobile phone users anywhere around the world directly from your Outlook. Jeyo Mobile Extender makes text messaging as simple and easy as email

In fact, Jeyo Mobile Extender offers you better ways to send, receive, manage, and archive your mobile text messages, all using a PC application interface you are already familiar with. It also lets you do what is impossible from your mobile phone - you can compose and view messages written in a language that your phone does not support. When you use Jeyo Mobile Extender, you can "text message" from any place, at any time, and in any language.

New in Version 2.5:
* Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista compatibility
* Synchronization of text message inbox sub-folders
* Printing
* Texting to distribution lists
* Outlook-style new message notification
* Support for Symbian S60/UIQ (beta)
* Support for feature phones including popular Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung phones

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Rob said...

deblor, nice blog man very cool. I grabbed the Mobile extender and installed it seems to work ok but when I send a text it only send 1 letter. EX> Will you be there? The text recieved says only "W".. Wierd huh any ideas. I run a motorola Q with win mobile 5 and windows xp pro. Thanks

Jim said...

Is there some kind of problem with older versions of Outlook? I use 2000 and every time I try to send a new SMS an error message pops up: "Access violation at 0249AA93 in Module 'JComm_WM.dll'. Read address 00000000." What's up with that?

Ike of Spain said...

I get the same problem with Outlook 2007. JEYO Mobile Extender 2.5 just stops working.

Tried removing USB devices, re-installing, cleaning registry... still doesn't work.

Jeyo don't respond very well to support requests.