18 June, 2007

Sprite Backup v2.1 Build 1268

Backup for Smartphone Windows Mobile 2003.
Your mobile device holds contacts, SMS, call history, documents, presentations, bank and online information, digital photos, music and more. Sprite Backup provides confidence that you will always be prepared when disaster strikes. Not convinced?

Ask yourself these questions:
* How much time have you spent personalizing your device to make it “Smart”?
Are you prepared to do it again?
* Have you installed themes, ringtones, games, productivity apps, or utilities?
Do you have the time to re-install?
* Have you installed applications and customized preferences such as playlists, settings?
Want to repeat the steps?

* Backup to Device and/or Storage Card
* Backup to PC - Increased protection by moving backups off-device
* Sprite Setup Wizard - Easy setup & instant data protection
* Upgrade Mode - Recover from a lost device or restore after a ROM Upgrade
* Automatic Scheduled Backup - ongoing data protection
* Compression and Encryption Features - Password always ON
* Automatic Backup File Management - Optimize storage space used

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