13 June, 2007

AvinaSoft Shopping List v1.0

An application to keep track of shopping list. Take your shopping list with you wherever you go. Your family members can add to your list by text message/sms/email to your phone. You have a powerful smartphone with you all the time (anyways!) and we have an excellent application; why do you need a paper and pen or remember yourself the items you want to shop?

* Add or edit your shopping items with ease.
* Set priority for each item (identify your priority easily with cool looking icons).
* Sort your items either by description or priority.
* Filter them by ''active'' or ''completed''.
* Enter some note for each item if you like.
* Create and maintain as many lists as you like and export or import items between them.
Apart from the usual stuff, it comes with a novel feature; if you are on the move or unable to take down the ''wish list'' of your children or spouse, just ask them to send a text message. Its that simple! No matter what phone they use, just a text message or email from any source or even from internet would do. This application takes care the rest!

At times, you remember something to shop but if you don''t feel like entering with the phone''s miniature keypad, just use the following methods to send your entries to your phone:

* Text messaging or SMS from other cell phones.
* Email from your desktop/laptop; your mobile would have an email address assigned by your carrier, something like yournumber@tmmomail.net(if it is t-mobile).
* Send text message/sms from any IM clients such as Yahoo messenger or MSN messenger.
* Send text message/sms from any web sites such as http://mobile.yahoo.com or from your carrier websites.
* Download the trial and see for yourself this innovative feature and learn more about the format of the text messages the application can handle.

More information:
http://www.smartphone.net/ ...

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