21 September, 2007

PocketLingo Medical Dictionary v2.0.0 First Edition

PocketLingo Medical turns your PDA into a reference and learning tool that will enrich your vocabulary effortlessly and quickly.

Using The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary, PocketLingo Medical gives you clear, authoritative definitions of up-to-date entries in all areas of medicine. This software also helps you expand your medical vocabulary by using proven learning methods, such as study cards and a customized word list.

The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary combines the expertise of Stedman's medical dictionaries with the clarity of the American Heritage® dictionaries to produce an indispensable reference for general readers, medical professionals, and professionals in allied and related fields.

* The American Heritage® Stedman's Medical Dictionary, Second Edition offers clear, authoritative definitions of over 45,000 up-to-date entries in all areas of medicine.
* Multi-Dictionary Capability to add other PocketLingo 2.0 dictionaries (e.g. PocketLingo College, PocketLingo Thesaurus, PocketLingo Cultural Literacy)
* Advanced integrated learning features including Study Cards and MyWord List help you quickly and effectively master new vocabulary.
* Biographical entries describe the contributions of scientists and physicians from ancient times to the present.
* Fully updated content with new vocabulary, prescription drugs, brand names, and health policy terms
* Syllabication of terms, and pronunciation keys for many entries.
* Easy-to-use interface that includes color support for better legibility.
* Fast look-ups, with auto-lookup, recently viewed list, and highly optimized performance.
* Support for external memory cards (SD/MMC).
* Important note: Full version requires 3.1MB of free memory on your Smartphone device or on an external memory card (A minimum 520KB of device memory is used).

- Smartphone 2002 or higher

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