07 September, 2007

Resco Explorer 2007 v6.0

Resco Explorer 2007 is powerful file management utility for your Smartphone. It implements all standard features such as file/folder manipulation. Thus, you can copy, move or delete files, create folders, run programs with arguments, and search for files or folders.

Key Features:
* Windows Mobile 6.0 support
* The FTP Explorer
* RAR archives support (decompression)
* QVGA and Landscape devices support
* Multi-language user interface
* Recycle Bin
* Send files via Bluetooth
* Quick Search feature
* Send more files via IrDA (OBEX)
* Format storage card(s)
* System info in properties
* Search file or text in file
* File and folder copy, move, delete,...
* Favorites — quick folder access
* ZIP compression
* Built-in viewer (text, jpg, png, bmp, gif...)
* Registry editor (import/export/search)
* File association
* Strong file encryption
* Encryption add-in for desktop PC
* "Send To" add-in for desktop PC

More information:

Resco Explorer 2007 v6.15


iw said...

gak ada link download nya? hmmm kigen nya aja deh ;-) oiya gw gapake .net jadi kayanya kigen jg gabisa jalan (kali) bikinin dong key buat gw, nama gw Nurmohammad Iwriduan

thanks yo

deBlor said...

OwnerID : Nurmohammad Iwriduan
Reg.Code: 14736

hasrul said...

saya juga dong,
nama: muhammad HASRUL ma'ruf

tank kayu..