10 September, 2007

NewsCopier Pro v2.0

NewsCopier Pro™ is RSS newsreader puts the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment news right in your hands. It keeps you up-to-date on blogs, bargains, stocks and other news.

You have instant access to the news you are interested in. The program can use your wireless connection, or update headlines when your Device is connected to the Internet.

The program works with variety of different feeds formats: RSS 1.0 (including RSS 0.9, 0.91, 0.92), RSS 2.0 and Atom.

This NewsCopier Pro edition is distributed as a shareware program.

· Instant access to the news.
· Works on all Windows Mobile Smartphones.
· Suppots different feeds formats.

Take a Quick Tour and see how powerful and easy to use is NewsCopier Pro.

NewsCopier Pro™ takes our popular product NewsCopier™ and makes it even more powerful by adding a set of features such as:

* Password protected feeds support
The program can downloads password protected feeds, such as GMail.

* Headline Embedded images
You can instruct the program to pre-download and show headline Embedded images.

* Allows to read stories Offline
NewsCopier Pro can download not just RSS feeds, but also whole stories referenced in the feeds, so you can read them at any time offline, now Internet connection will be required.

* Podcasts support
If the program finds that a feed includes Podcasts, it will inform user about his by showing special image. User can choose either to download all Podcasts automatically, or do it one by one. Podcasts can be played directly from NewsCopier Pro.

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