08 February, 2008

ElecontWeather v1.0.616 s

Elecont Weather is the newest global weather forecast software. It is created and optimized specially for Windows Mobile based devices and compatible with different display sizes and themes.

Elecont Weather is the first on the market weather software that
displays animated weather forecasts directly on your home or today screen and within your favourite themes. Animation stops when the screen is off, or the home screen is not visible, furthermore you can switch animated effects off, or specify, how long the animation lasts.

Elecont weather adds on your home screen theme only necessary weather forecast data, allowing you to choose how much you need it and where to display it

Elecont weather saves home screen space for maximum of your important data (like todo or calendar just as other plugins). With 1-line layout weather forecast will take only one line of your display. Elecont weather has several forecast layouts, optimized for different display sizes.

- Smartphone WM 2003
- Smartphone WM 5.0
- Smartphone WM 6.0

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