15 February, 2008

ParagonSoftwares Handy Converter v1.2

Handy Converter is your all-in-one currency and unit conversion solution. Handy Converter lets you save your time and money by professionally performing various currency calculations and units of measure conversion right on your mobile screen. Whether you are on a business trip, vacation or out of office leave the calculations to Handy Converter!

With Handy Converter for Windows Mobile Smartphone you can:

- Quickly and easily convert given amount of money to all the major currencies (up to 57)! You don’t need to approximate, guess or have your PC on hand to know the latest currency exchange rates. They are provided by Bank of Canada. And you can update currency exchange rates daily or enter them by yourself.
- Convert all necessary units of measure, including temperature, length, weight, area, volume, speed, etc. All in all more than 50 units
- Find the value evaluation simultaneously during your input, so you don’t need an extra action to find the results
- Get all the required calculations easily without complicated Menus and needless steps thanks to easy in use and user friendly program interface
- Always stay up-to-date on the currency rates by downloading them for free just from your mobile device – no more worries and guesses

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