15 February, 2008

Madbeetle Clock Plugin v1.0

Clock Plugin is a plugin for the smartphone homescreen thats adds a analogue clock.

The install below installs the plugin and the homescreen shown above with green colour scheme. (adjusted to you devices resolution (240x320 320x240 or 176x220).

The clock hands are fully configurable, so you can change the length, width and colour of each hand.

It also breaks the traditional one line per plugin restriction, allowing you to place the plugin anywhere on the homescreen, and position other plugins side by side with it.

Once you've installed the plugin, you can install additional homescreens that use the plugin or design your own. Why not use our Smartphone Homescreen Builder which simplifies the home screen building process. It includes the analogue plugin making it very easy to generate your own home screen.

You can also download the above clock projects for the homescreen builder, and use them a bases for your own designs.

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