25 June, 2012

Watching Your Family from Android

Knowing wheres your family can now be done quickly and easily. No need to ask the neighbors, no need to call a friend. Just look at the Android smartphone monitor, then you can see them on map.

Now you can see a lot of software to monitor the position, such as: Gogole Latitude, Family Tracker, GPS Tracker Family, Family Locator, Life360, etc.. Just choose the course which is preferred, free or paid, it’s all there.

For example Life360 software. By Life360, I will easily find out where my wife and my son. Provided that their phones are also installed Life360. There are more advantages of this application. For example your son got trouble in the street. With Life360, your son can send an emergency message and you will be immediately aware of its existence quickly because you can see the position on your monitor.

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edit my essay said...

Technology have made our lives easy but they made us far from the people too. Now, we don't have to contact or ask one for something. Just google it and you will have it.