14 April, 2012

Running Whatsapp on Windows PC

Whatsapp is a great cross platform messaging service. However there is one device missing from the so called cross platforms. Its Computers/PC. And now you can run Whatsapp directly from computer/PC. How?

- Download the Android emulator application for the PC, name is Youwave. If you want to try the free, you can download old version, v1.5.1. - Install Youwave on the PC. - Download the application WhatsApp from the PC (just googling “youwave.apk“). - Put the file WhatsApp.apk in C: \ Documents and Settings \ (user name) \ youwave \ - Run Youwave on PC - In the left column, double click on WhatsApp - In the right column, run WhatsApp - Prepare a phone number for information delivery 3 digit activation WhatsApp - Enter data, such as state information and contact phone number - If there is no incoming sms, use the information via telephone (there will be an incoming telephone and voice engine that inform the 3-digit code) - Enter the 3 digit code to WhatsApp - WhatsApp ready to use! :D

Note: * If Whatsapp can not work properly (interference problem, etc), try to install Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1


lura said...

Good post

bestdissertations said...

A must read post. The use of WhatsApp has become increasingly common nowadays. I guess I will have to try to download it on my laptop too.