30 December, 2011

Upgrade Xperia X1 from WM 6.1 to WM 6.5

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 is a smartphone with WM 6.1 Professional OS. Do you want to upgrade the OS to WM 6.5? You can do it by yourself :)

Ways to Upgrade:

1. HardSPL.
Things that must be considered before HardSPL: - Ensure that your computer is already installed NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - For Windows Vista or Windows 7, make sure it is installed Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1

HardSPL steps: - Download HardSPL tool: X1_HardSPL_v1.zip - Extract X1_HardSPL_v1.zip on PC. Extract it, and you will see X1_HardSPL.exe. - Sync between X1 and the computer. Make sure everything is running smoothly, no error or interruption. - Follow the instructions on the computer screen until the X1 looks 3 colors. - X1 will automatically restart. - Done :) - To check if already installed: X1 turn off, press and hold the “volume down” (that was at the side) and the “power button”. On the screen it says: 0.72.OliNex.

2. Install new WM 6.5 ROM. - Make sure the Micro SD preformatted with FAT32. - On the internet there are lots of ROM 6.5 for Xperia X1. You can search on XDA-Developers Forum: Xperia X1 ROM Development. I take the example ROM 826X Windows Mobile 6.5.5 build 23 519. Download the ROM here. - Extract the downloaded file, and one of them will be found KOVSIMG.nbh file. - Copy KOVSIMG.nbh to the root directory of Micro SD. - Turn off the X1 - Press and hold the “volume down” and hold “power button” screen pops up in 3 colors. - Follow the instructions. - Congratulations, you have successfully entered a new world of Windows Mobile 6.5.

3. Do a Hard Reset for more optimal results.

4. Windows Mobile 6.5 ready to be used :)

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